Brussels Grand Prix 2013

A sensationnel Brussels Grand Prix!

After a busy national programme, the King Baudouin Stadium opened its doors to international violence…starting on the hurdles.

The tone was set from the outset with three world-class performances. In 13.04 the Dutch Rosina Hodde set a new record beating our compatriots Anne Zagré 13.05 and Eline Berings 13.11. The final would bring fireworks…and that was also the case. Anne Zagré beat american favourite Chelsea Eades. Unfortunately there are no official times because of a technical problem.

Among the men, the hierarchy was respected with the victory of a living legend Ladji Doucoure. He was very happy with his season’s victory of 13.60. “I’ll be back, the track is super fast. There are still a few working points, but it will come back, I’m glad I accepted the invitation”. Adrien Deghelt finished 3rd in 13.65 and Damien Broothaerts 4th in 13.83 (“I didn’t have the legs today”).

Relive the Brussels Grand Prix

Brussels Athletics offers you the opportunity to watch almost all the videos of the competitions, thanks to our camerawoman Naomie and our cameramen Djihed and Brahim.

Check out the videos here.
Check out the pictures here.

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