Brussels Grand Prix 2018

10th anniversary edition!

The Brussels Grand Prix celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. This jubilee edition was again a great success in terms of quality and quantity.

The Brussels Grand Prix remains more than ever an international event with 26 countries represented, including New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and Ghana! The proposed programme was very complete with national and international participants in each discipline.

This year the handi-athlete was put in the spotlight. 15 participants from 4 different countries and our top athletes Peter Genyn, Lea Bayekula and David Delespesse were very successful.

There were also three events on the program to involve the children in the event.

We especially remember the performance of the Dutch Sanne Verstegen who broke the wall of 2 minutes on the 800m (1.59.85) and the 12.90 of our compatriot Eline Berings on the 100m hurdles. 2 other athletes improved meeting records, namely Leopold Kapata in the triple jump and Pauline Smal in the javelin.

We also remember the beautiful duel at 400m that was won by the Youssef Dagher in 45.82 against Dylan Borlée’s 45.94 . Margo Van Puyvelde won the 400m hurdles with 56,25 and Jan Hochtrasser (SUI) won the 1500m in 3,38,73.

In the Field the Jamaican Chad Wright was the most efficient with 62.21m on the discus, in front of the French Emile Denecker who jumped more than 5.30m high in the pole vault.

We thank the jury, the volunteers and the photographers for the quality of their work. The athletes are grateful!

Here you can find :

Best performances by the IAAF scoring table

Top 10 Field events

1 Chad Wright JAM 1101 62.21 Dis
2 Emile Denecker FRA 1075 5.30 PV
3 Mohd Shamsuddin MAS 1047 59.28 Dis
4 Leopold Kapata BEL 1040 15.83 TJ
5 Corentin Campener BEL 1032 7.51 LJ
6 Sarah Buggy IRL 1023 13.07 TJ
7 Theódoros-Panayiótis GRE 1021 5.10 PV
8 Keith Marks IRL 1014 7.43 LJ
9 François Grailet LUX 1008 7.40 LJ
10 Frederik Ausloos BEL 994 5.00 PV

Top 30 Running Events

1Sanne W. VerstegenNED11651:59:85800
2Eline BeringsBEL116312.90100H
3Margo Van PuyveldeBEL113456.25400H
4Youssef DagherKUW112445.82400
4Jan HochstrasserSUI11243:38.731500
6Elmo LakkaFIN112313.69110H
7Nickiesha WilsonJAM112013.22100H
8Deuce CarterJAM111913.71110H
9Dylan BorléeBEL111545.94400
10Justien GrilletBEL111356.92400H
11Marcus LawlerIRL111120.71200
12Orphee NeolaFRA111011.42100
13Christine SalterbergGER110757.13400H
14Jaak-Heinrich JagorEST109550.70400H
15Fode SissokoMLI109346.28400
15Shuhei IshikawaJPN109313.85110H
17Carl SoudrilFRA10911:47.75800
17James PrestonNZL10911:47.76800
17Sarah MissinneBEL109113.44100H
20Nick SmidtNED108850.85400H
20Orphee NeolaFRA108823.47200
22Mickaël BertilFRA108550.92400H
23Elise VanderelstBEL10832:04.53800
24Dario De BorgerBEL108113.92110H
25Manon DepuydtBEL108023.55200
26Matthew ManningNZL10783:42.101500
27Anna Sjoukje RuniaNED107758.13400H
28Mohammed LaalouMAR10761:48.27800
29Nora RitzenNED107458.24400H
30Gerard O’DonnellIRL107213.97110H