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If you want to get access to the stadium during the BGP 2021 as a coach, you are obliged to complete this registration procedure. Only official coaches who are in possession of a coaching card (Adeps/GEFA/VAT/Judges/CLUB/…) and international coaches will be allowed access to the stadium. Without prior request, access will be denied.

The registration procedure will remain active until Tuesday 08/06 at 22h00. After this date, no requests will be accepted.


Friday 11/06
Each validated applicant will receive an email with the confirmation and a parking access.

Saturday 12/06
Present yourself with your coaching card(national) or ID/coaching card (international) at the information meeting point (see location map). Each coach will receive a wrist bracelet to gain access As soon as your athlete(s) have finished their event, please leave the stadium.

To obtain an accreditation, you must fill out this form.

With this accreditation, you are entitled to : 

  • Free access to the Brussels Grand Prix (WIFI, VIP, Track, Presse Zone,....)
  • Press release ( 4 days ahead of the meet)
  • All information live during the meeting
  • A sandwich and drink